Hand build or use the pottery wheel to create your own clay creations!


Sculpting and Hand Building

At $20 for the first pound of clay and $10 each additional pound, per visit, you can play with clay to your heart’s desire. Hand-made ceramics are such a fun, creative way to get your hands dirty. We provide the clay and ceramic tools to help you hand build something you’ll be proud to take home. Creating something from scratch, from just a lump of earth, is so satisfying, it’s a deliciously tactile way to relax, and a down-to-earth counter balance to constant use of technology. Come in today to enjoy this artful pleasure. 

Price includes paint, glaze, and two firings.

Potter’s Wheel Experience

We offer walk-in wheel time (if you have prior throwing experience) and only charge you $35 for your project (up to 2 pounds)  and $10 each additional pound, per visit.  If you don't have prior experience, a class will be required.  Classes are by appointment only.  


Price includes paint, glaze, two firings, and we do all the clean up.  


Baby Clay Prints

Preserve your child’s precious hand & foot prints in clay! The perfect keepsake! Capture a moment in time in a ceramic keepsake that you will treasure for a lifetime. We gently press hands, feet or paws into a soft slab of clay. Clay prints require slow drying time and 2 firings. Please allow up to 3 weeks to complete the process.


Samples Coming soon.