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Technique Classes

We offer the instruction and all of the nifty tools you will love using to craft your masterpiece. You just pay for the class ($15.00) plus the piece you paint.

Tuesday , Thursday, Saturday 12pm - 2pm

Friday 6pm-8pm

Sunday 1pm - 3pm

No Experience Necessary!!!  We promise.

Masking Painting

Painting on top of tape, paper or stickers to create cool patterns


Sgraffito Painting

Use one of our scraping tools to scratch out a cool design


Splatter Painting

Use one of our specialty brushes to make a colorful project 


Shaving Cream Painting

Mixing shaving cream and paints to create a unique design


Bubble Painting

Mixing dish soap and paints to create a 

bubble effect, great for aquatic designs

Ombre Painting

We'll teach you how to create a 

gradient from one color to another 


Galaxy Painting

Learn how to create a deep space project with our sponges

Bumpkins: $20

This might be the most adorable project you’ll ever create with your baby. We paint a little bit of glaze on the baby’s bottom and then press it to the plate to make a “bum print” which then gets painted to look like a pumpkin! Aren’t they simply adorable?
Nov 7th 10:00am
Nov 10th 2:00pm

Clay Turkeys : $25 ($30 if we paint it)
This is a two visit project if you paint it yourself because first the turkey’s have to be shaped out of clay and kiln fired and then you come in on another day to paint it. It’s such a fun project for all ages!
Make Nov 7th 4:00pm
Paint Nov 21st 4:00pm

Clay Hand/Foot Print Ornaments

Aren’t these ornaments cute? We start by pressing your baby or child’s hand or foot into some glaze and then putting the handprint and footprint onto the ornament. Then you come back and simply paint the rest of the ornament to look like a Santa, snowman, reindeer or penguin. Or if you’d like, for $5 we will paint them for you. They make wonderful gifts for your family!
Nov 3rd 2-4pm
1yr - 5yr+ $16
Extra $5 for us to paint.


Vintage Tree painting Party: $10 fee + tree
Join us for a painting party as we bring in the Holiday season and get a head start on Christmas. We will walk you through the best way to paint the tree for your desired results. We will also have food and music to enjoy. $15 class fee + the price of the tree. Lg: $150, Shelf: $68, Med: $70, Sm: $60, Votive: $30
Nov 7th 6pm – 8pm

Nov 12 6pm – 8pm



Pear Plate: $30
Nov 8th at 6pm 
Nov 9th at 12pm
Nov 13th at 10am


Pumpkin Plate $30
Pear Plate: $30
Nov 6th, 10am
Nov. 14th at 6pm
Nov 15th at 6pm 
Nov 16th at 12pm


Turkey FootPrint: $20
Nov 14th 10:00am
Nov 21st 10:00am


Board art for Kids: $20
This is one of the techniques we learned at the annual convention a few months ago and we fell in love with it! Your kids will absolutely love this project, which can be taken home that same day and hung on the wall.
Nov 14th at 4:00pm


Mandala: $10 class fee + pottery
Nov 21st 6:00pm


Glass Fusion Coral Vase $50
Glass fusion is not only fun to do, the end result is a beautiful and unique piece of art! Come in to learn this fine art design!
Nov 20th 10:00am
Nov 22nd 6:00pm









Sneak peek at the December project of the month
Gnome for the Holidays $30
Nov 29th 6:00pm


Intro to Glass

Glass fusing is the process of using the high heat of a kiln to melt two or more pieces of glass together, ultimately letting you create plates, ornaments, jewelry… and more…

$15 plus price of project

Wednesday 12noon-2pm

Friday  6pm - 8pm

Kids -  Paint Me A Story

This is an class for younger patrons. Each week we will feature a different story and paint a figurine or item that corresponds to that story.


Thursday 10am - 11am: $14 plus tax per child

Kids -  After School Fun!

For older kids, aged 7 and up, we offer after-school projects on Thursday at 4pm. 

Clay Classes

All classes include clay and instructions, and paint.  Participants will have to come back two weeks later to paint their project.


Hand Building Class

Sat 6pm - 8pm

Cost is project specific

Wheel Classes
By Appointment Only

$55 per class